Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Hi!! I'm Arianna Cappelli

Hi! My name's Arianna, and I'm thirteen years old. My birthday is on 5th January
I'm a student in "Respighi" where I'm in year 8. My favourite subjects are Italian, English and French.
I’ve got a long, straight, brown hair and brown eyes. I am of average height.
I have two sisters, but no brothers. In this photograph there are my three turtles: Tarta, Ruga and Billy.
I like many sports: swimming, tennis, football, skateboarding and rollerblading; I love athletic. I don’t like volleyball, dance and rugby. I play the flute at school and after school I play the guitar.

My favourite actor is Brad Pitt.. He's very handsome!!
I love music, running, playing the computer, reading, writing a story, and playing with my friends.
by by Ari

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