Thursday, 20 September 2007

social software

Social Software

From: jean_0317, 4 months ago

Una opportunità per diminuire le distanze

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the power of social media

Power Of Social Media

From: montymetzger, 3 months ago

This is a presentation made by Monty Metzger presented in May 2007 at the Media Meeting Mannheim, Germany.

Layout and Content inspired by "Shift Happens" (

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Sunday, 16 September 2007

my summer's holidays

In the summer's holidays, I went to Sicily. I have been in Sicily for one mounth. I went to sea

every morning. I went with my family and my friends.This year I visit two new places: Scicli and Scoglitti they are very very beautiful. I have amused a lot. Now I returned to school but I don't know the name of the Italian's professor because the miss Dinuzzi is now at liceo Plauto.

The sea lacks to me, but yesterday I come to sea and I amused a lot.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Arianna Berna

HI!the school is started again on 10 september..I met again my beautiful!!! :)
we don't know our italian's teacher, because miss Di Nuzzi is now at liceo Plauto.
the new is that we are moving!!!we will move into a larger flat, near my friends and my school!!!
before return to school I went to sea side with my sister and my father for two week!
it was sunny and sea was wonderful!!! :)
by by ari!

Saturday, 8 September 2007

bye arianna.c and yonathan

hi!! we are arianna and yonathan.. we are in arianna's home and we played volleyball.
now we tell an event will bee this evening called "la notte bianca" or "the white night"..this night all the shops will be open!!
write soon!!
bye bye
ari and yony
(no misano no party)

Wednesday, 5 September 2007 Ari.c

Yesterday my cousin Claudia came to my home.
Before going out we played cards with my little sister Aurora, and then we went to "Viale dell'aeronautica", where we had an ice-cream.
Then we had a walk in "Viale America": I bought two T-shirt, and Claudia a pair of jeans. After that we played volleyball in a park; we are very funny because I can't paly volleyball!!
At eight o' clock we returned at home, and she stayed to sleep.

Kiss Ari.c

Hi!! I'm Arianna Cappelli

Hi! My name's Arianna, and I'm thirteen years old. My birthday is on 5th January
I'm a student in "Respighi" where I'm in year 8. My favourite subjects are Italian, English and French.
I’ve got a long, straight, brown hair and brown eyes. I am of average height.
I have two sisters, but no brothers. In this photograph there are my three turtles: Tarta, Ruga and Billy.
I like many sports: swimming, tennis, football, skateboarding and rollerblading; I love athletic. I don’t like volleyball, dance and rugby. I play the flute at school and after school I play the guitar.

My favourite actor is Brad Pitt.. He's very handsome!!
I love music, running, playing the computer, reading, writing a story, and playing with my friends.
by by Ari