Friday, 6 July 2007 holiday..

Hi, I didn't write in the blog in last time because I left for Salerno in Campania where live my uncle, my aunt and my cousins: Federica and Alessandro. The first is 11 years old and the second is 3 years old. I amused myself because I am very tie up with my cousin Federica and I adore my little cousin Alessandro. For 1 week I was in Salerno and for another week Federica came here, in Rome. I didn't never have time for write in this blog. Yesterday I went to Hidromania, it's a water-park with slide. I really amused myself, I adore the: "treccia" (it's a plot slide, in this for some minute you remain without breathing, and
even if it's dangerous it's really amusing) and I adore too the lifebelt slide (it's a closed slide and in it it's very hot, but it's nice shout at every curve. in it it's whole in the dark). now Fderica left a little while ago and now I am waiting for the my sister return from a dance stage.
bye bye

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