Friday, 1 June 2007

Arianna Berna - my pag web

Hello!!! my name is Arianna and my nickname is Ari. I'm 13 years old. my hair is brown and my eyes are blue. I have one sister... her name is Giulia. she is 15 years old. her hair is ligh brown and her eyes are green. my mother's name is Annapaola. she is 44 years old. her hair is dark brown and her eyes are brown and my father's name is Giammarco. he is 45 years old. his hair is ligh brown and his eyes are blue.

I live in Rome... is very beautiful!!!!! the most important monument is "Colosseo"

I like play volley and I practise it... it is very very beautiful!!! :-)

I like meet friends. I like music and my favourite singers are Finley!!!

My favourite actor is Brad Pitt... he's very beautiful!!!!!!

He's 44 years old. his hair is blonde and his eyes are blue!!!

He shoots a lot of movie and the most beautiful is " Vi presento Joe Black "!!!!

My best friends are Arianna, Yonathan, Fabio, Sara, Martina, Emma, Valeria and Claudia... are very friendly and very amuse!!!

..bye bye arianna..

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